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Best Rate Guarantee

At you'll always find the Best Price Guarantee. If you find a lower price on a different site, we'll match that price and give you an extra 10% off*.

How does the Best Price Guarantee work?

It's easy.
  • Book a room on our site and you'll get a confirmation number for your reservation.
  • If, in the 24 hours after making your booking, you find a lower price for the same hotel, on the same dates, for the same type of room and rate, with the same payment guarantee and cancellation conditions; send us an e-mail with your reservation number, giving the name of the site in question and a print screen of the offer.
  • Our team will check if the price is still available online and whether the conditions set out above apply. Should this be confirmed, we will change your booking, awarding the price found on the other site plus a discount of 10%.
Terms and Conditions
  • Our Best Price Guarantee applies to the prices available to the public at
  • The guarantee excludes: prices negotiated with companies, groups, associations, travel agencies, other entities or Minor Hotels staff. Also excluded are special prices such as, but not limited to, offers, special programmes and prices for long stays.
  • Best Price Guarantee claims must be accompanied by the registration number as made on our website, as well as the name of the site where you found the lower price and the respective print screen. Claims must be sent within a maximum of 24 hours of making the booking.
  • Applies to bookings for the same type of room, on the same dates and for the same hotel and with the same payment, guarantee and cancellation conditions available when the Tivoli Hotels & Resorts Client Support Team process the booking confirmation.
  • The price claimed must be available for bookings when our team carries out the check. Should it not be available, the price available at that time will be applied. 
  • The original booking must allow cancellation or change at no extra cost at the time the claim is made. 
  • When the Best Price Guarantee claim is made for two or more consecutive nights (for the same hotel) the best price guaranteed per night will be applied and not the total price of the stay.
  • Should the price of the other site be presented in a different currency to that on, the Tivoli Hotels & Resorts Client Support Team will convert the price to the same currency used on at the time of the original booking.
  • After converting the price, Tivoli Hotels & Resorts reserve the right to refuse the claim, especially if the difference in prices results from the fact that the two sites use different exchange rates.

Tivoli Hotels & Resorts will not be responsible for any fees resulting from booking changes or cancellations charged by sites other than our official site -

Tivoli Hotels & Resorts reserve the right to change conditions or end the Best Price Guarantee at any time and without prior notice.
*Terms and conditions for How the Best Price Guarantee works