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Ramadan & Eid under the Stars

Welcome to an unforgettable celebration of Ramadan and Eid at Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar by Tivoli, where cherished moments with family, friends, and loved ones are waiting to be experienced. Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of this exquisite destination, as you partake in the timeless traditions of Ramadan and the joyous festivities of Eid.

At Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar by Tivoli, we understand the importance of coming together during these special occasions. Our meticulously curated events and offerings promise to create unforgettable memories, whether it's breaking fast with loved ones during Ramadan or sharing laughter and joy during Eid celebrations.

Indulge in delectable iftar spreads featuring an array of traditional Qatari delicacies and international favorites, meticulously prepared by our talented culinary team. As the sun sets, gather with your loved ones in our enchanting surroundings, filled with the spirit of togetherness and reflection.

Unwind in the evening with family and loved ones during Suhoor preparing for the next fast and celebrate amidst the rich Qatari heritage architecture, where traditional design elements blend seamlessly with modern comforts.

Explore the intricately designed courtyards, captivating arches, and ornate details that pay homage to the country's cultural legacy, offering a unique backdrop for your celebrations.

Don't miss our exclusive offers during this holy season and join us in celebrating the spirit of Ramadan and Eid at Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar by Tivoli, where every moment is infused with warm hospitality and togetherness.