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Heartwarming and embraced by Vilamoura’s sophisticated Marina mood, Pepper's Steakhouse is the “mecca” for meat lovers. An orchestra of flavors, which values are well established in contemporaneity never forgetting tradition and creativity as true allies. 

With a panoramic view over the Marina and engaged into Tivoli Marina Vilamoura concept –Pepper's Steakhouse – presents itself as a specialist in succulent and tender meats, with premium and carefully selected cuts, to be prepared au point, served in the good American spirit: a variety of delicious sauces.

Black Angus, T-Bone or New York Strip are some of the international bets but Mirandesa and Mertolenga are our nationally produced stars which honour our menu with a very special status.
In addition to these excellent options, the Ocean is not missed at Pepper's table. Fresh fish and seafood from our extensive beautiful coastline are well-regarded and well-interpreted so the whole experience can be remarkable. From green, organic pastures to the deep Ocean, or vice versa, the taste is your command.


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